Winners of WildChiswick 2023 photography competition

Image above: ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ – Paul Brown’s picture of an urban fox 

Overall winner: ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ – Paul Brown’s picture of an urban fox

Joanna Gilbert, founder of WildChiswick, invited the winners of her photography competition to a select soiree at room2 hotel on Tuesday 3 October.

The overall winner was ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ – Paul Brown’s picture of an urban fox, chosen by judge Andy Sands, the owner of Chiswick Camera Centre, who is himself an award winning wildlife photographer.

‘Hero to some Villain to others. The urban fox battling to coexist with humans’ wrote Paul about his photograph.

Each photographer was invited to submit their picture with a comment about why they had taken their picture. Some wrote poems, others just made comments.

The entries were submitted in six categories: Amazing amphibians and reptiles; Beautiful birds; Incredible insects and invertebrates; Powerful plants; Marvellous Mammals and Wild Ones, the category for photographers aged 16 and under.

There were 167 entries in all, including 39 entries in the Wild Ones 16 years old category. The youngest prize winner was just six years old.

“It was really good to share this with everyone and enjoy the flora and fauna around Chiswick” said Joanne Gilbert.

Here are the winners in each category:

Winners of each category

Amazing amphibians and reptiles

Images above: (L) The Common (not so boring) frog – Will Harris; (R) Toad on Tarmac – Clare Arnold

Winner – The Common (not so boring) frog, Will Harris

‘The Gardening’

‘Amidst the fragrant tapestry of lavender,
a common frog jumped right under.
Common in name and number,
but not in awe and wonder.
360 million years on Earth,
it can breathe through lungs and skin.
With porous epidermis,
oxygen diffuses in.
Ranging in colour
from greys and greens to yellows and brown,
Keep an eye out for it,
when Spring comes to town.

Runner-up – Toad on Tarmac, Clare Arnold

‘Toad rescued from a car park on its migration towards the lake at Chiswick Business Park’.

Images above: (L) Blue Heron by Pamela Oliveras; (R) Canada Chiswick by Andrew Potter

Beautiful birds

Winner – Blue Heron, Pamela Oliveras

‘I spotted this beautiful heron on a foggy morning.  I love the blue/grey contrasted against the soft foggy light in the background. It was an amazing and inspiring morning to be out and feel completely alive in the park.’

Runner-up – Canada Chiswick, Andrew Potter

‘Follow my leader!’

Images above: (L) Little Beauty in Red by Zita Dementer-Vidak; (R) Bee in Flowers by Lisa Mauro

Incredible insects and invertebrates

Winner – Little Beauty in Red, Zita Dementer-Vidak

‘I met this beautiful ladybird at “Chiswick House and Gardens” … one of my favourite places from Chiswick!’

Runner-up – Bee in Flowers, Lisa Mauro

‘I wanted to capture this beautiful bee on this pretty flower’.

Images above: (L) Chiswick Riverside by Yasmin Layli; (R) Bloom by Nagar Rad

Powerful plants

Winner – Chiswick Riverside, Yasmin Layli

‘Chiswick has a lot of nature near the River Thames and by looking at this photo you’ll not believe that it’s actually taken in Chiswick. I love the clouds and the tree in this photo overlooking the river Thames.’

Runner-up Bloom, Nagar Rad

‘I’m immersing my hand into my boundless memories, and a familiar street strikes my soul. A street that surely has a counterpart all around the world. A bicycle will definitely pass through the street sprinkled with pink; further enhancing the meaning of this scene.’

Images above: ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ by Paul Brown’; Just Chillin’ by Maura Maxwell

Marvellous Mammals

Winner – Who’s Watching Who, Paul Brown

‘Hero to some Villain to others. The urban fox battling to coexist with humans.’

Runner-up – Just Chillin’, Maura Maxwell

‘There are always plenty of squirrels scurrying around – this one caught my eye because of the beautiful colour scape created by the squirrel and the sun pouring through the leaves of the tree. I was amazed it stayed still for long enough for me to capture it, but I guess it was quite happy just chilling on his branch!’

Image above: Bonding by Esher Prujanski

Images above: Blue bug on a rose leaf by Jack Donnelly; Blue Dragonfly on flower by Pablo Rocha

Wild Ones

Winner – Bonding, Esher Prujanski

‘I was walking in Chiswick Park and then I noticed something unusual, which was that there were two huge snails stuck together. Everyone knows snails are usually tiny and unsocial, and this was the exact opposite, so I decided to take a photo of it.’

Runner-up – Blue bug on a rose leaf, Jack Donnelly (4-9 years)

‘We were looking at the roses along Wellesley Road and found this bug. I thought the colour was so cool.’

Runner-up – Blue Dragonfly on flower, Pablo Rocha (10-16 years)

‘While looking for birds to photograph at Chiswick House and Gardens, I spotted some blue dragonflies drinking the nectar from a flowering bush. They moved around very quickly but I was lucky enough to catch one staying still, allowing me to take this closeup photo.

‘Bees often get the spotlight for their importance for pollinating flowers, but insects like these are very important to the process as well!’

Image above: Joanne Gilbert announcing the winners; photograph by Karen Liebreich

Photographs to go on show around Chiswick

The winning photographs will now go on show in various places around Chiswick. You will be able to see them displayed here:

St Michael’s Church, Elmwood Road, Grove Park

Tuesday 10 October, 3.30pm – 5pm

Wednesday 11 October, 2pm – 5pm

Thursday 12th October,10am – 3pm

Repair Cafe at Christ Church:

Saturday 21 October, 10.30am – 1pm

Boston Manor Park:

Sunday 22 October, afternoon

Chiswick Flower Market:

Sunday 5 November, 9am – 4pm