Witness says Old Market Place wall collapsed after being hit by a car

Image: Old Market Place wall knocked over

Carpark wall collapses onto Chiswick High Rd pavement

Part of the wall of Old Market Place, the carpark area outside George IV, has collapsed onto the pavement of Chiswick High Road, after a car hit it on Thursday (2 May).

An eye-witness said a driver hit the wall, causing a ten-metre stretch of brickwork to tumble onto the pavement. Fortunately there were no pedestrians there at the time.

The eye-witness said the car driver drove off at speed following the collision, but its number plates were noted.

This is the second time in recent months a car has gone into the wall. An older male driver drove his car through the barrier so it was left sticking out over the pavement a few months ago.

Images: Otehr examples of the crumbling infrastructure of Old Market Place

Refurbishment of Old Market Place overdue

The latest accident may hasten the refurbishment of Old Market Place. The Chiswick Flower Market team would like to spend some of the money they have made from the Sunday markets on improving the area, and have employed landscape architect Luke Greysmith to redesign the area to upgrade the crumbling infrastructure.

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They published the results of their co-design initiative last September, asking residents what they thought of proposals to improve the area where markets are held in the centre of Chiswick, and to make suggestions of their own, and are now waiting on Hounslow Council to organise a formal public consultation.

Local councillor and business owner renew calls for regeneration of carpark

Stephen Foster – owner of Foster Books

Stephen Foster, who owns and manages Foster’s Books at 183 Chiswick High Road said on Saturday the carpark “needs revamping” as the area is much busier now than it used to be.

“The markets ha

ve taken off nicely and they make Sundays a busier trading day” Stephen said. “The plans that have been put in are very good… they could put benches in it, there aren’t enough electrical charge points.”

Stephen said he noticed debris from the car which hit the wall on Thursday, with parts of a bumper left on the ground.

Cllr Jack Emsley

Councillor Jack Emsley who is Councillor for Chiswick Homefields which neighbours Chiswick High Rd told The Chiswick Calendar:

“The wall collapsing doesn’t surprise me. It has been in a terrible state for years and it’s clear work needs to be done to repair it.

“The carpark is an asset for everyone in

the community and you cannot have walls crumbling onto the high road for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s not safe for anyone and also it means that people won’t want to come to Chiswick to shop, which will mean local businesses will suffer.

“Regeneration is needed for the carpark.”

Posting on social media, the X account named @ChiswickHighRd wrote:

‘This wall has been on the point of collapse for ages. Last year @RonnieMushiso and @JoannaBiddolph said it was more important to retain the car parking than to resolve our infrastructure. This is the result. Luckily no child was crushed… this time.”