Woman saved from jumping off Barnes Bridge

Image above: Police and RNLI crew tend to woman on the bridge; Stephen Butler

Passers-by prevent woman from jumping

A woman was saved from jumping off Barnes Bridge on Thursday morning (27 April) after members of the public stopped her. The distressed woman had climbed over the railings on the railway bridge, but passers-by held onto her and pulled her back to safety.

Both the police and RNLI Lifeboat from Chiswick arrived at the scene, and the lifeboat positioned itself below the bridge. The woman was secured by the officers and given a medical assessment by the RNLI crew. She was then taken to Barnes Bridge Station where London Ambulance Service paramedics were waiting to attend to her.

The incident was witnessed by a local photographer, Stephen Butler who regularly walks between Richmond and Barnes.

Image above: The woman was brought by stretcher to Barnes Bridge Station, Police offcers and RNLI crew on Barnes Bridge; Stephen Butler

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