Woman who climbed on top of Ferrari in Chiswick goes viral

Images: Police question onlookers on Devonshire road on Sunday

Witnesses say it was ‘pizza pandemonium’

Bank holiday madness was on display in Chiswick on Sunday afternoon (5 May) after a woman caused a ruckus by allegedly rampaging through a pizza restaurant before climbing on top of a Ferrari parked outside and refusing to get off.

The video of her spreadeagled on the roof of the car and being dragged off it has gone viral.

Eye-witnesses told The Chiswick Calendar the woman had started causing a scene in Napoli on the Road, the Italian pizza restaurant in Devonshire Road, when she started “throwing plates and chairs around”. Photographs of the incident show upturned tables and chairs outside the restaurant with police officers questioning the crowd.

The woman then climbed onto the roof of a parked black Ferrari. Footage posted online shows her spread out on top the parked car.

Above: Footage of the incident on X

Six police cars and one ambulance attend

She continues to act strangely throughout the footage, pulling up one of the wind screen wipers and putting it in her mouth.

Witnesses said attempts were made to remove her from the roof of the vehicle, but were unsuccessful. She eventually got inside the car and refused to get out.

Image: Chairs and tables overthrown outside Napoli on the Road

The police were called. Six police cars and an ambulance attended the scene.

Videos were posted online by the west London content aggregator UB1UB2, which went viral on Instagram – with over 40,000 people liking the video and many thousands more viewing it. On X, formerly Twitter, the video jas reached over 20,000 people.

The final video shows two police officers pulling a woman from the car onto the pavement.

As of Monday, no arrests have been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police.