Women-only housing association wins bid to build 102 homes in Acton

Image above: Artist’s impression of how the new block in Gunnersbury Lane will look; RID Architects

New multi-storey building will contain ‘100% affordable homes’ for women

A housing development in Gunnersbury Lane, Acton, that will provide 102 homes for the Women’s Pioneer Housing association, has been given the go-ahead.

Women’s Pioneer Housing, a feminist housing association, has been housing single women for more than a century.

The housing association was founded in 1920 by suffragists, who ‘understood the importance of providing women with good quality affordable homes of their own, as part of their wider fight for women’s equality.’

RID Architects will create 100 one-bedroom homes, and two of two bedrooms, replacing existing buildings that are no longer fit for purpose.

Ten of the new homes have been allocated for people with disabilities, and Brook House will be made up of ‘100% affordable homes’.

Lifts will be provided, while energy consumption will be a fraction of what it is now in the current building.

Architects will retain ‘most’ of the existing mature trees on site and instal a wheelchair-friendly communal roof garden, as well as a sensory garden at ground level.

Women’s Pioneer Housing services are available to cisgender and transgender women, as well as non-binary people who were assigned female at birth or are in possession of a gender recognition certificate. More information on how to access the housing association’s services is available on their website.

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