Woodcarving courses in W12

Image: A wood carving course

Learn a new skill and while away a few hours doing something satisfying and fun

What to get a father for Father’s Day? And how to employ your children over the long summer holidays which are beginning to hove into view?

You could kill two proverbial birds with one stone here – a whetstone presumably, if we are to make best use of the proverb, by booking on to one of Adam Findlay’s woodcarving workshops.

Image: Adam Findlay

Adam is a Design Technology teacher at a school in Hampstead and offers three hour courses to small groups (maximum of eight) of all ages over eight years old, either as a mixed age group or as a weekend / summer holiday activity for children / teenagers around the same age.

Typically they make a butter knife or a letter opener, but Adam is open to ideas, providing they are attainable within the timeframe.

“One child wanted to make a wand” Annabel told The Chiswick Calendar, so they did, and went away happy.

It needs to be something simple, so intricate carved wooden seats or bowls are not on the agenda. They use all sorts of woods, but typically soft woods for beginners, and special tools designed for children, with curved ends, for children to use.

“He is my husband, so I would say this wouldn’t I? But Adam has been teaching a long time, he’s very good at involving people and getting the best out of them.”

Image: A wood carving course

They’ve never had to take anyone to hospital yet either, (touch wood), though they do of course have a first aid kit to hand for the odd little cut.

Annabel and Adam met when they were both working at Capital Radio, when Adam was running the Help a London Child campaign. He did an evening course in woodwork and decided that was really how he wanted to spend his life.

After training at London Metropolitan University 20 years ago he became a cabinet maker, and then trained as a teacher, and has been teaching Design Technology in schools for the past eleven years.

Annabel meanwhile went on to be a private PA, so her role is to sort out the admin.

“If a child is booked on to a course on their own, that’s where I come in, to make sure they’re booked in with a group they are likely to get on with and have something in common. We get bookings for family groups and groups of friends, sometimes people come who work together.

“It’s lovely to have a mixed age group, it’s something people of all ages can enjoy together, with no previous experience, but we also have individuals who come.”

They charge £55 for the three hour workshop, and supply all the materials.

Woodcarving workshops coming up

Weekends in June & July

Saturday 22 June: 10-1pm or  2-5p

Sunday 23 June: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Sat 29th June: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Sunday 30 June: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Sunday 7 July: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Saturday 13 July: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Sunday 14 July: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Summer holidays 

W/c 22 July – Monday 22 to Sunday 28 July: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

W/c 29th July – Monday 29 to Friday 2 August: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

W/c 1st August – Monday 1 to Thursday 11 August: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

W/c 8th August – Monday 8 to Thurs 11 August: 10-1pm or 2-5pm

Find out more and book courses on Adam’s website:


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