Workmen install Staveley Rd barrier early morning

A team from Hounslow Highways has installed the barrier across Staveley Rd in Grove Park which is part of the ‘Liveable neighbourhood’ changes designed to stop commuters cutting through the Grove Park and Strand on the Green areas. Twice before a team from Hounslow Highways has turned up to install the barrier, to be met with local residents protesting against the removal of the existing traffic island and installation of the barrier.

This time the workers came early; according to one of the residents they arrived at 5.00am, another told us 7.00am on the morning of Thursday 1 October, and caught the residents napping. They had the basics installed before the protesters were able to mobilise. Supported by the police, they put up perimeter fencing so they could work inside it.

Images above: Staveley Rd – photographs, Cllr Sam Hearn, Steve Nutt

“Officially sanctioned vandals”

Cllr Sam Hearn described the dawn swoop as the act of “officially sanctioned vandals”. He lives on Park Rd where residents are expecting to see increased traffic now that Staveley Rd is closed. The new traffic design forces cars coming down Staveley Rd to turn off into Park Rd. The idea is that once drivers know Staveley Rd is blocked off they will cease to use it as a cut through.

This morning there was a queue of traffic doing U turns in the road and returning the way they came.

Images above: Staveley Rd, photograph Cllr Sam Hearn

‘Worst fears confirmed’

A spokesman for Park Road Residents said:

“Our worst fears have been confirmed.  The council have ignored local residents, and admitted they are in the pocket of a few.  They might think £40,000 is a small amount of money to take out and re-install some islands, as council taxpayers we don’t.

“Worse still they are judge and jury on an opaque Consultation process, where already exists that people even not within the area can comment.  That is abuse.

“We asked Mr Frost sometime ago to provide copies from the Emergency Services that they had approved the scheme.  He declined to do so.”

“It just proves that LBH is living up to the words of Council Leader Steve Curran when he said at the last Council meeting “I am not concerned about people… Chiswick”

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