World Book Day – Children’s Recommendations

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by Jessica Bloom – Bookcase London

Passionately promoting the joy of reading for a quarter of a century, World Book Day is celebrating its 25th birthday this year with the message ‘You Are a Reader’. No matter what your level, ability or topic of interest might be, there is a perfect book for everyone and we are bursting with ideas and inspiration for finding stories that families can share and enjoy together.

Here I have chosen a variety of classic, fun, and informative reads for all ages that we currently have available in store. As always this was such a hard decision as we have so many amazing books in store, so make sure to also have a look in store!

This World Book Day we have four titles available to swap with your £1 World Book Day voucher. These are: Welcome to Grimwood by Nadia Shireen, Dinosaur Roar and Friends!, The Worst Class in Danger by Joanna Nadin, and Rocket Rules by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola.

If you decide against one of the free books you are able to select any other children’s book and receive £1 off the price.

Happy World Book Day!

Image above: Dinosaur Roar, Rocket Rules, Worst Class of the World & Grimwood front covers

Discount Book Recommendations

The Wonders of Nature & An Anthology of Intriguing Animals by Ben Hoare (RRP: £20 Our Price: £9.99)

Whether you love lions and butterflies to sharks or spiders, this animal encyclopedia with a twist has something for everyone! With stunning photography and gorgeous illustrations, this animal encyclopedia explores the wildlife of the world, from the largest whales to the smallest insects. Which one is your new favourite? This animal book for children will delight and inspire kids who love animals. They will discover incredible facts and fascinating stories about their favourite animals and some they have never heard of! Find out why the slow-motion sloth is so sluggish and how the plodding pangolin protects itself from predators, and more! Throughout this children’s book, each specially chosen animal is revealed in stunning photos and gorgeous illustrations.

Children will be intrigued by all the small, interesting details. The animal fact book also explores some of the stories and mysterious myths surrounding their favourite beasts. Curious kids can pour over the index, which is packed with reference information, including the size and location of each species, and a tree of life shows how the animal groups are connected. Find the animals that interest you and uncover new favourites along the way.

Discover incredible facts and fascinating stories. This animal encyclopedia for children contains over 100 creatures. Beautiful illustrations with storybook elements will bring the animal kingdom to life. This educational book is perfect for kids to read by themselves or together with their parents as a bedtime story.

Image above: The Wonders of Nature and An Anthology of Intriguing Animals front covers

Ladybird: Bedtime Tales, Favourite Fairy Tales, Favourite Stories, and Favourite Nursery Rhymes (Each RRP: £9.99 Our Price: £4.99)

Four gorgeous Ladybird treasuries of eight classic, traditional tales and rhymes in each book that are guaranteed to delight and entertain young children.

A great introductory series for young children starting their reading journey.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende (RRP: £7.99 Our Price: £3.99)

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende is a classic fantasy adventure which has captured the hearts of readers of all ages. Small and insignificant Bastian Balthazar Bux is nobody’s idea of a hero, least of all his own. Through the pages of an old book he discovers a mysterious world of enchantment – but a world that is falling into decay.

The great task of making things well again falls on Bastian and so begins a dazzling, magical adventure. The Neverending Story was made into a hit movie in 1984, and remains a much-loved, international bestseller.

Images above: front covers of the Ladybird books

The Beetle Boy Trilogy (Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen, & Battle of the Beetles) by M.G Leonard (Each RRP: £6.99 Our Price: £3.99)

Book 1: Darkus can’t believe his eyes when a huge insect drops out of the trouser leg of his horrible new neighbour. It’s a giant beetle – and it seems to want to communicate. But how can a boy be friends with a beetle? And what does a beetle have to do with the disappearance of his dad and the arrival of Lucretia Cutter, with her taste for creepy jewellery?

Book 2: Cruel beetle fashionista, Lucretia Cutter, is at large with her yellow ladybird spies. When Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt discover further evidence of her evil, they’re determined to stop her. But the three friends are in trouble. Darkus’ dad has forbidden them to investigate any further – and disgusting crooks Humphrey and Pickering are out of prison. Hope rests on Novak, Lucretia’s daughter and a Hollywood actress, but the beetle diva is always one scuttle ahead.

Book 3: From a secret Biome in the jungle, Lucretia Cutter plans to wreak wickedness on the world unless Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt can find a way to stop her. If they fail, she’ll mass an army of giant Frankenstein beetles – and the planet will never be the same again. Humanity is under siege. The future depends on three children and their beetles.

Full price book recommendations

The Wind Child by Gabriela Houston (RRP: £7.99)

Packed with a colourful Slavic cast of tempestuous gods and frightening monsters, The Wind Child is above all a story about friendship, and how far you would go and what you would sacrifice to avoid saying goodbye to someone you love. No human has ever returned from Navia, the Slavic afterlife. But twelve-year-old Mara is not entirely human.

She is the granddaughter of Stribog, the god of winter winds and she’s determined to bring her beloved father back from the dead. Though powerless, Mara and her best friend Torniv, the bear-shifter, set out on an epic journey to defy the gods and rescue her father. On their epic journey they will bargain with forest lords, free goddesses from enchantments, sail the stormy seas in a ship made of gold and dodge the cooking pot of the villainous Baba Latingorka.

Little do the intrepid duo know of the terrible forces they have set in motion, for the world is full of darkness and Mara will have to rely on her wits to survive.

Image above: The Wind Child front cover

Everyone Sang: A Poem for Every Feeling by William Sieghart and illustrated by Emily Sutton

A magnificent anthology of poems themed around different moods, collected by the bestselling creator of The Poetry Pharmacy and illustrated by Emily Sutton. This exquisite gift-book contains over a hundred poems, chosen by creator of the bestselling The Poetry Pharmacy, William Sieghart, and illustrated in sensational style by picture-book star Emily Sutton.

Divided into four thoughtfully-curated sections, including Poems to Make You Smile, Poems to Move You, Poems to Give You Hope and Poems to Calm and Connect You, the poems originate from an extraordinary and diverse range of sources, from Maya Angelou to Roger McGough, Lemn Sissay, Jackie Kay, Carol Ann Duffy, Joseph Coelho, Kae Tempest, W.B.

Yeats, Christina Rossetti and Emily Dickinson, among many others. Combining traditional favourites with recent gems, here are poems to delight, inspire, entertain, intrigue, console and uplift readers of all ages.

Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by Karrie Fransman & Jonathan Plackett (RRP: £20)

Discover a collection of fairy tales unlike the ones you’ve read before…

Once upon a time, in the middle of winter, a King sat at a window and sewed. As he sewed and gazed out onto the landscape, he pricked his finger with the needle, and three drops of blood fell onto the snow outside. People have been telling fairy tales to their children for hundreds of years.

And for almost as long, people have been rewriting those fairy tales – to help their children imagine a world where they are the heroes. Karrie and Jon were reading their child these stories when they hit upon a dilemma, something previous versions of these stories were missing, and so they decided to make one vital change… They haven’t rewritten the stories in this book. They haven’t reimagined endings, or reinvented characters.

What they have done is switch all the genders. It might not sound like that much of a change, but you’ll be dazzled by the world this swap creates – and amazed by the new characters you’re about to discover.

Leaders: My First Leaders by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Lisbeth Kaiser (RRP: £6.99)

This all-new board book primer – from the multimillion-copy bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series – introduces the youngest dreamers to the world’s best-loved leaders. ‘Hello little leader! Let’s learn about braveness, and boldness, and kindness. There’s plenty of leaders who were once young like you.’ Including cherished favourites, as well as some new, leaders from the series, introduce your baby to great leaders from history and today.

With all-new lyrical text that is fun to read out loud to baby, this inspiring board book includes colourful, captivating illustrations of Rosa Parks, Greta Thunberg, Martin Luther King Jr., Malala Yousafzai, Harriet Tubman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mahatma Gandhi and Corazon Aquino. Leaders is the perfect first empowerment primer for babies and toddlers. Little People, BIG DREAMS is a bestselling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists.

All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. This empowering series offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers.

The hardback versions present expanded stories for beginning readers. Boxed gift sets allow you to collect a selection of the books by theme. Paper dolls, learning cards, matching games and other fun learning tools provide even more ways to make the lives of these role models accessible to children.

Inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world with Little People, BIG DREAMS!

Also available is Artists: My First Artists (RRP: £6.99)

Happy: A Children’s Book of Minfdulness by Nicola Edwards & Kate Hickey (RRP: £6.99)

We breathe deep and expand like the galaxy, we breathe out many thousands of stars, and if ever we start to feel panicky, this reminds us of just who we are. The perfect soothing read for quiet time, Happy gently encourages young readers to explore their emotions and the beautiful world around them, with stunning illustrations and thought-provoking rhymes on every page. Lyrical, emotive language encourages your child to step back and really appreciate their life within the moment.

From savouring the taste of every meal to taking time to explore new places, there are so many ways we can slow down and find happiness. This beautiful poetry combined with ideas for how to practice mindfulness in the real world make this a wonderful introduction to finding inner peace. Katie Hickey’s gentle, charismatic illustrations take readers on a journey to a place of happiness and calm, with bright and uplifting colours and comforting scenes of nature and home.

Image above: Happy front cover

Hello, Star by Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic and illustrated by Vashti Harrison (RRP: £7.99)

Hello, Star. I know you’re scared, but you’re not alone. When a young girl learns that a bright light in the sky is coming from a dying star, she promises to keep it company until the light goes out.

Every night she reassures her friend that she’s still there. As the years pass, the girl learns everything she can about planets, space, and the universe, inspired by her dimming friend – until she realises she needs to do something more. This touching tribute to stars, space, and science celebrates how a small act of compassion can flourish into a life full of meaning and wonder.

Stunningly illustrated by #1 New York Times bestselling artist Vashti Harrison and written by Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic, Hello Star is an inspiring story about a love of science and the importance of empathy.

Image above: Hello Star front cover

Jessica Bloom works in her family bookshop Bookcase London, an independent bookshop in Chiswick which has been open since 1993.  Jessica specialises in buying for the Children’s and Young Adult sections in the shop.

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