World Naked Bike Day coming to Chiswick

World Naked Bike Day is coming to Chiswick with a ride along the CS9 Superhighway route on 9 June.

Local organisation CHANCY (Chiswick and Acton Naturist Cyclists) is planning to show their support of CS9 with a “Go as bare as you dare” cycle ride along the CS9 route before joining up with “World Naked Bike Day” in central London.

“One of the biggest complaints against CS9 was it would only be used by people in lycra” said spokesperson Diana Mow. “The great thing about cycling is that people can wear anything, or in our case, nothing… Some of our members will have helmets but it isn’t compulsory”

She added, “Our group is apolitical and with the local elections coming up, we have invited all the candidates to join us on our ride along Chiswick High Road. We are delighted that all parties have accepted except the Chiswick Conservatives. They have insisted on cycling along the A4 instead. However we are grateful for their offer of a shovel and some gravel to fill in potholes along the route. ”

“We fully respect the views of people who don’t like to see naked people on Chiswick High Road, so we will be asking everyone to wear fig leaves when cycling outside the Roman Catholic church. To respect the special sensibilities of Chiswick, these will be fair trade organic fig leaves from Waitrose.”

The Chiswick Calendar understands that not everyone is happy with the naked bike ride and a group called ReimposeClothes has started a petition with slogan “Wear it don’t bare it” to protest against the riders.

Photograph by Tom Amos