Write to Jeremy Corbyn, says Lib Dem MP Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake told a packed meeting at Chiswick Town Hall last night that Jeremy Corbyn needed “to be dragged kicking and screaming” to support a People’s Vote.

The Lib Dem spokesman on exiting the EU told the audience that even though the move for a People’s Vote is gaining popularity, it would require a majority of MPs in parliament to introduce the necessary legislation. For that to happen he said, the Leader of the Labour Party had to be persuaded to support it. 

Chiswick voted 70% Remain in the EU referendum and both our MPs, Ruth Cadbury and Rupa Huq support a second referendum on whatever deal is finally struck, or not struck. Tom tours the country encouraging people to lobby their MPs but since ours are already on board the most useful thing we could do he says, would be to write to Jeremy Corbyn to persuade him to follow the wishes of the majority of his party and support a People’s Vote. 

Here’s his address: leader@labour.org.uk

I spoke to Tom before the meeting and you can watch the video here.