Chiswick RNLI Lifeboat station planning to relocate

Image above: A Chiswick Lifeboat crew out on duty

Chiswick RNLI station investigating a move to Wandsworth 

Chiswick’s RNLI Lifeboat crew is planning to relocate to Wandsworth, The Chiswick Calendar has learned.

A feasibility study is currently underway into what role the charity could play if it were based in Wandsworth rather than Chiswick.

The RNLI has a building in Wandsworth, and we understand some members of the crew based in Chiswick have long wanted to be based right on the river, to improve their response time. At the moment they have to run the length of Chiswick Pier to get from their office to their rescue boat.

Image: The Chiswick lifeboat at Chiswick Pier

Chiswick is one of the RNLI’s newest lifeboat stations and one of four operating on the River Thames, the others being at Teddington, Tower Bridge and Gravesend. The stations were the first in the UK to specifically cover a river rather than estuarial waters or the sea. Chiswick’s station opened in 2002, and operated with an e-class Tiger Marine fast response boat.

A spokesperson for Chiswick Lifeboat said there were still “many hurdles to go through” and that the move was by no means imminent.

The feasibility study being carried out includes figuring out how the building in Wandsworth could be used, as a location for the lifeboats has not yet been identified. Other considerations include what roles might be needed at the new site.

Until all the necessary permissions are granted, the spokesperson added “nothing was certain” but the move is definitely an option under strong consideration.

Asked whether the move is being considered to make rescues along the river more efficient and whether more people will be able to be helped, Chiswick Lifeboat said it was too early to comment.

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