Abundance London organises tree planting in Chiswick High Rd

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, says the bible, but with trees the going rate is 14 new trees for one old one

There are so many orange barriers and yellow high viz jacketed workmen to be seen in Chiswick High Rd it is hard to know who is doing what, but some this week have been planting trees.

Contractors removed a mature plane tree on Chiswick High Road in December 2021 as part of the redesign of the road to facilitate the C9 cycleway. Since then Abundance London has been working not only to get it replaced, but to get 13 more.

Abundance London’s director Karen Liebreich told The Chiswick Calendar the initial plan from Transport for London and London Borough of Hounslow was to replace one tree with one tree, but Abundance London initiated discussions on the basis of a calculation known as CAVAT – Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees.

This formulation assigns a monetary value to urban trees and uses trunk girth, canopy size, health and age of trees to calculate a reasonable replacement. Initially Abundance London, acting on advice from the local National Park City co-ordinator, requested 40 trees in replacement for the lost plane tree, but eventually an agreement was reached that 14 new plane trees would be planted as near as possible to the lost tree.

“It was decided to replant plane trees to match the existing tree stock on Chiswick High Road” Karen told us.

“Six trees were planted in December 2022, and the London Borough of Hounslow arboriculturists worked hard to identify further sites for the remainder.

“Chiswick’s pavements are very congested with underground cables and other facilities, so several trial pits had to be dug before successful sites could be found. This week the remaining trees were planted and should help to ensure that Chiswick retains its classic leafy green High Road.”

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