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Give your old laptop to a child who needs it

During lockdown there are many children who are missing out on lessons because they don’t have access to a computer to use for remote learning. Cllr Ron Mushiso has arranged a collection point outside Christ Church on Turnham Green where you can drop off an old, unused laptop or tablet so it can be wiped […]

Mayor of London acted ‘unlawfully’ in Streetspace programme

Images above: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan; Royal Courts of Justice The Mayor of London and Transport for London acted unlawfully by introducing a Streetspace scheme at the height of the Covid pandemic, a judge in the High Court has ruled. The scheme, introduced in London last May, introduced bus-only corridors and restricted licensed taxis […]

Something to look forward to …

Images above: Chiswick Flower Market; photographs Anna Kunst The Chiswick Flower Market team is using this period of enforced hibernation to do a bit of planning. The organisers (of whom The Chiswick Calendar’s editor is one) intend to continue to operate the market on the first Sunday of every month during 2021 – as soon as […]

Avoid the riverfront say Police and Councils

Image above: Hammersmith riverfront; photograph Hammersmith & Fulham Council The Met Police joined Hammersmith & Fulham and Hounslow councils in urging local residents to avoid the busy riverfront to help stop the spread of Covid-19. The stretch of riverfront running from Chiswick Mall to Hammersmith Mall and down to Bishop’s Park in Fulham is extremely […]

Car swept into the river at Chiswick Mall

Image above: Car flooded at Chiswick Mall; Photograph Simon MacMichael A car was flooded by the incoming tide at Chiswick Mall on Friday afternoon, 15 January and swept into the river. ‘From what I can gather, bloke parked on foreshore and was distracted on phone he didn’t notice people warning him, far less the tide […]

Episode 6: Assault on the US Capitol

Mihir Bose – former BBC Sports Editor, David Smith – Economics Editor of the Sunday Times and political commentator Nigel Dudley have been friends since they first met while working at Financial Weekly in 1980s. They have kept in touch regularly, setting the world to rights over various lunches and dinners. With coronavirus making that impossible, what do journalists do, […]

Covid rate in Chiswick stays high

Image above: gov.uk map showing Covid-19 data for new cases in Chiswick SE in the seven days up to 5 January 2021 Government figures showing the number of Covid cases up to Wednesday 5 January show that in Chiswick the level remains high. That comes as no surprise, as London has declared an emergency and […]

Covid news latest roundup

Image above: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (taken from BBC video) Covid “out of control” in London Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said the spread of Covid is “out of control” in London and has declared the pandemic a ‘major incident’ as London hospitals warn they are on the brink of being overwhelmed. The […]

Vaccination programme rolled out

Image above: Boris Johnson with Chief Executive of the NHS Sir Simon Stevens and Brigadier Phil Prosser The Prime Minister gave a press conference last night (Thursday 7 January) with Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS and Brigadier Phil Prosser, who is leading the Armed Services’ contribution to organising the roll out of […]

Alert Level 5 – what it means

Weeks ahead “hardest yet” Boris Johnson has said that the weeks ahead would be the “hardest yet” but he believed the country was entering “the last phase of the struggle”. Announcing a national lockdown on Monday 4 January, he said the Government is once again instructing us to stay at home. We are at Alert […]

Who is a key worker?

Image above: Police (library picture taken before the pandemic) Throughout the pandemic, when the schools have been closed to the majority of pupils, they have been open to those children who are considered ‘vulnerable’ and to the children of key workers. If a child is considered ‘vulnerable’, both the school and the parent / carer […]

Majority of Chiswick school children stay home

Image above: Cavendish Primary School; Google Street view The schools were meant to be going back this week (5 January 2021). The majority of children and teenagers in Chiswick will be staying at home. Schools in LB Hounslow, Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham are amongst those forced to delay the start of the new term […]