Crick Crack Club story telling at Gunnersbury Park Museum this half term

Image above: Nell Phoenix; Crick Crack Club


The Crick Crak Club, the UK’s ‘oldest and boldest’ storytelling programmers and producers, based in Ealing, have a programme of storytelling events at Gunnersbury Park Museum for half term week.

They produce ‘wild, weird and wonderful’ live storytelling events that draw audiences from all walks of life to watch and listen to tales from the magical world of international fairytale, folktale, myth and epic.

The names of the shows alone would make you want to go, but knowing they have more than 30 years experience at putting together shows, for adults as well as children, this ‘celebration of stories’ is a must for anyone with children at a loose end. Suitable for ages 6 +

When a hero or heroine sets off on a quest to take on a giant, they need helpers to overcome the difficulties along the way, Nell told The Chsiwick Calendar. She has performed her stories all round the world – from the Blackpool Grand to the Sydney Opera House; all over the UK, Ireland, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia and in all sorts of spaces and places in-between.

Images above: Crick Crack Club tales

Thursday 16 February 
AAAARGH Giants! Nix Nought Nothing, by Nell Phoenix

In an almighty mix-up, a prince is given to a giant as his servant, but when the prince and the giant’s daughter decide to flee, everything unravels into wild tale of wonder. Nell Phoenix tells a romping story of magic and mayhem, impossible tasks, wild chases, and a galumphing giant partial to prince-panini!

Friday 17 February
Hail Fearless Friend, by Nell Phoenix

Nell tells an awesome tale of wonder about fierce, dancing fairies and stomping, swivel-eyed ogres. But fear not, here come the young, the bold and the good, armed only with sandwiches and a handful of nuts, who will try to trick them to save their BFFs.

Saturday 19 February
Jack and the 12 Dancing Princesses, by Ben Haggarty

A widowed King with twelve daughters has an alarming mystery on his hands and there’s only one person who can solve it. Ben Haggarty, fairytale-teller extraordinaire, tells a story of broken shoes, strange disappearances, enchanted mirrors and magic that is stronger, stranger and more startling than you’ve ever heard before.

AAAARGH Giants! Molly Whuppie, by Nell Phoenix

Nell Phoenix tells a rollercoaster wondertale of derring-do! Meet the brave-hearted, quick-witted Molly who sets out to save the kingdom from a lawlesss lobbering giant. Expect wild chases, hair-thin bridges, hiding under beds, and piles of magic.

Maria Morevna or how Prince Ivan got himself a horse, by Ben Haggarty

It’s a wild, epic, romper-stomper fairytale, complete with Baba Yaga. When Ivan meets Maria Morevna warrior princess, he feels like he has a lot of catching up to do… and inadvertently releasing Maria’s arch enemy isn’t a particularly good start. This is a world where everything happens in threes, immortal monsters roam, Baba Yaga is a horse wrangler, and where our hero Ivan will prove his worth eventually.

Image above: Nell Phoenix; Crick Crack Club

Book tickets on the Gunnersbury park Museum website.

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