James Cracknell puts himself forward for selection

James Cracknell OBE, the Olympic rower who lives in Chiswick, has announced that he would like to be considered for selection as the Conservative Party candidate for Brentford and Isleworth constituency. This is the statement he published on Friday 21 April in support of his candidacy:

Why do I want to stand?

“First and foremost it is because I care. I am not the type to sit by and complain. When I see a problem I get involved and help to solve it. This has happened throughout my life, whether in school councils, being elected as athletes’ representative or to the British Olympic Association’s Athletes Commission, or subsequently stepping up to address issues which I care about including being President of both Headway and the London Road Safety Council and ambassador for RoSPA and the RNLI.

“Secondly, I am a local. I live here, with my wife and three children and intend to do so for the long term, I am a stakeholder in the community, I care about the world around us. I want to grasp the possibility to influence and improve things for all. I have had the opportunity to consider standing in another nearby constituencies and have turned these away. I am focused entirely on representing the area where I live and it would be my great privilege to be chosen.

“Finally, because I can see a chance here to make a difference. This constituency can be won and I thought this even before the proposed boundary changes were mooted. I would like to think that I am recognised as someone who succeeds. Indeed I have never won a silver medal. In 2015, when despite the hard work we came up short, I got more involved. Indeed Mary encouraged me to do so. And I think I have worked very hard over that time. I’ve got to know people across the community, and as a party group I think we are on an awful lot stronger position. I’m not a career politician, but I have brought people and focus to this community in my own way, and I will continue to do this. I can win votes that are permanently lost to other candidates as I offer a fresh perspective.

“If I’m successful I will give everything to win the seat on June 8th and then represent the constituents of Brentford and Isleworth in Westminster and the nation as a whole.”