Jeremy Vine wades in to the CS9 debate

Transport for London published its report on the public consultation on CS9 last week. They say they received 5,388 direct responses, of which 59 per cent ‘supported or strongly supported’ their proposals. 93 responses were from ‘stakeholder’ groups such as politicians and residents associations. Three quarters of those responding said they were local residents.

‘An additional 941 template emails were received via the London Cycling Campaign website which strongly supported the overall proposals and made suggestions for further improvements. An additional 34 template emails were received from Sustrans which supported the proposals’.

The response has predictably been split and emotional, with Jeremy Vine wading in to the debate, telling the Evening Standard “It’s so sad that taking space away from cars and giving it to bicycles has become this divisive in the 21st century. …“All I want is to be able to say to my young daughters, ‘Let’s cycle to Trafalgar Square’… and be able to do the seven miles on a protected cycleway” He said those against the scheme were in the minority, but far louder.

The comment which has attracted the most ridicule has been that of the Conservative councillors who included in their arguments against the scheme the notion that the cycle path will be used by ‘snatch thieves for planned heists from jewellers’. Good job Marmalade jewellers is in Turnham Green Terrace then, not on the planned route for the cycle path.