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Majority of Chiswick councillors not standing for re-election

Five out of nine of Chiswick’s Conservative councillors will not be standing for re-election in the local elections next year, with a question mark over a sixth, Robert Oulds, who has been booted out by Chiswick Homefields, the ward he has represented for fifteen years. After next May the only familiar faces will be Sam Hearn, Gerald McGregor and John Todd. Robert Oulds may put himself forward for selection in the Turnham Green ward.

In Chiswick all the current councillors are Conservative. With the exception of two Conservative councillors in Osterley and Spring Grove and one councillor whose political allegiance is ‘unspecified’ all the rest of Hounslow council are Labour. I spoke to Sam Hearn, one of the councillors for Chiswick Riverside and leader of the Conservative group, about what’s caused this mass exodus and who we might get instead.