New image goes up on W4th plinth

Image above: Abundance London putting up the new image on the railway embankment at Turnham Green Terrace

Abundance London has put up the latest in its series of community art works on the railway embankment at Turnham Green Terrace, which they like to call the ‘W4th plinth’.

In a departure from the previous artworks chosen, this one is not created by an artist, but is the work of the Suomi NPP satellite. Over a period of six orbits, the Suomi NPP satellite provided the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) instrument enough time to gather the pixels for this synthesized view of Earth showing North Africa and southwestern Europe.

The image was proposed by Felicity Goodall and reproduced with the permission of NASA.

Image above: The earth from the Suomi NPP satellite 

Abundance London, the not-for-profit which carries out planting projects around Chiswick and also created the Chiswick Timeline underneath the railway bridge on Turnham Green Terrace, has been putting up new art works every few months since September 2019. The first was a collage of music hall entertainers at the Empire theatre, by artist Sir Peter Blake.

While the next one was chosen by popular vote, the onset of the pandemic has made that process too complicated, so subsequent images have been chosen by an Abundance jury led by the artist. Sir Peter, who is most famous for the Sgt Pepper album cover he created for the Beatles, is a long time Chiswick resident.

These are the previous artworks which have been displayed at the site:

Images above: Sir Peter Blake’s collage of music hall performers at the Empire theatre; Penny the Orangutan by David Kimpton and Richard Lawton; Stay At Home collage by students at Chiswick School; A Quiet Sarnie Under the Tree of Life by Suzan Inceer

Abundance London has now opened submissions for the next art work, to be installed in six months’ time. Submit your entry here.

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