Plans for Dukes Meadows

Kathleen Healy of Dukes Meadows Trust will be responding to the council consultation and initial proposals for the development of Dukes Meadows at the Chiswick Area Forum at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening. Last year Hounslow Council commissioned a consultation and master plan for the Meadows. While they welcomed the interest “after many years of Dukes Meadows being a low priority”, now that they have seen the consultant’s report and plans the Trust is concerned about a number of issues.

Kathleen says issues such as the degraded roads, low level of maintenance and negative impact from large un-booked, unregulated events are not addressed. Nor is the £2.3 million of cuts to park budgets which were outlined in the council’s recent Leisure strategy and the impact that will have on Duke’s Meadows.

She says: “The Meadows is a large complex site and the consultation does not seem to show a good understanding of it. In November we organised a meeting of the various clubs on the meadows and people from local resident’s associations. It was well attended with representatives from just about all the clubs and neighbouring areas. We discussed our concerns and the case for the council making good the 40 plus years of neglected capital maintenance to the roads and other infrastructure. We also proposed a greater level of devolved management to improve maintenance and stewardship of the park and mitigate the effects of the parks budget cuts”.

Kathleen will be presenting their proposals to Chiswick councillors and the public on Tuesday and is hoping that lots of people will turn up at the meeting at 7.30 pm: “It would really strengthen our case to have lots of people there to show how valued the Meadows is”.