WildChiswick – Wildlife photography competition

Image above: Vixen with cub in the back garden; photograph Mark Lawson

Celebrating Chiswick’s photogenic wildlife

One of the things people find most attractive about living in ‘leafy Chiswick’ is its greenness. I remind myself of this grimly every time I scrub the copious amount of bird excrement off my car of a morning and pick up the scattered remains of last night’s takeaway enjoyed by the foxes.

We are privileged to have so much interesting wildlife around, my battles with them notwithstanding, and Joanne Gilbert of WildChiswick is running a wildlife photography competition in association with the Chiswick Flower Market, to celebrate it.

“Chiswick has so many lovely green spaces where we can all enjoy nature.  We thought it would be a great idea to have people share their sightings with us and the rest of Chiswick” says Jo.

Images above: Fox cubs in the back garden; Mark Lawson

Open to all ages until 13 August

The competition is open to all ages and there is no entry fee. You do not need to be a professional photographer: you can snap away on your camera or your phone.

“We’re looking for pictures that capture and celebrate the biodiversity of our neighbourhood and what it means to you” she says.

The competition is open for entries until Sunday 13 August 2023. Photographs taken this year from 1 January 2023 onwards are eligible.  There are six categories: mammals, amphibians, invertebrates, birds and plants, as well as a children’s section for ages 16 and under.

Entries must be submitted electronically at snapwildchiswick.com. Images should be accompanied by a short paragraph on the subject of the photograph and why you were drawn to it.

Images above: Close-ups of a riverside hedgerow in autumn; photographs Anna Kunst

Raising public awareness of the biodiversity in our gardens, parks and rivers

Snappy Snaps have offered a prize for the overall winner. The runners-up and winners of each category, along with the overall winner will be announced in early September. The judges will be drawn from “a range of local people with an interest in Chiswick and its natural environment” says Jo.

WildChiswick is a not-for-profit community group established in 2021 which works with local people within Hounslow Borough to help maintain and improve habitats for urban wildlife in gardens and green spaces.

Examples of the work they do include installing swift boxes, drilling holes in fences for hedgehogs and working with schools and community groups to build wildlife-friendly features such as ponds and hibernacula. They also organise speaker events to help raise public understanding of the wildlife in our local gardens, parks and rivers.

Image above: Swans on the River Thames at Chiswick; photograph Anna Kunst

Talk by wildlife photographer Andy Sands, Wednesday 28 June

Andy Sands, naturalist, wildlife photographer and owner of the Chiswick Camera Shop, will be talking about photographing the natural world on Wednesday 28 June at Christ Church, Turnham Green at 7pm. The event is free, but to ensure entry please register at events@wildchiswick.com.

Andy has had an interest in the natural world since childhood and is a keen wildlife photographer. His work has been published in magazines and wildlife books, including a recent eight page spread in the National Geographic Magazine.

You can read a profile of him here: Andy Sands, Chiswick Camera Centre, Wildlife Photographer

Images above: Wildlife photography by Andy Sands

See more of Andy’s wildlife photography on his website: andysands.co.uk

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