Episode 37: Three Men in a Boat navigating British Journalism

Our podcast with The Three Old Hacks, aka former BBC Sports News editor Mihir Bose, Economics editor of the Sunday Times David Smith, and political analyst Nigel Dudley, has been described as ‘the modern equivalent of Jerome K Jerome’s book Three Men in a Boat‘ by broadcaster and journalist Lucy Beresford.

Like George, Harris and Jerome they are old friends who consider themselves overworked and in need of a holiday (always). Like the River Thames, they have a tendency to meander. Theirs is not so much a travel guide as a commentary on the state of British journalism based on their experiences over the past 40 years, delivered with warmth and humour and that slight edge of competitiveness that journalists never lose.

Image above: Nigel’s dog Alfie, stunt double for Montmorency from Three Men in a Boat

This week it is the rich hinterland of Nigel’s knowledge which they rely on to discuss the situation in Israel, as he has spent many years reporting from the Middle East. They disagree on whether the BBC was right not to label Hamas as ‘terrorists’ and lament the vogue for ‘showbiz personality’ foreign reporting, while praising some of the outstanding reporting from those on the ground in Gaza.

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