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Episode 42: Thank you Mr Crombie

Mihir Bose, former BBC Sports editor, talks to David Smith, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times, and political commentator Nigel Dudley about his memoir Thank you Mr Crombie – Lessons […]

Episode 40: But is it democracy?

The Three Old Hacks discuss the power of the people. Recorded the day after the chaotic Gaza vote in Parliament, they consider the safety of MPs, the leverage voters have to […]

Episode 34: Gamesmanship and Protest

The Three Old Hacks, aka Sunday Times Economics Editor David Smith, former Sports News editor at the BBC and author of many books about sport, Mihir Bose, and political commentator Nigel Dudley, have […]

Episode 28: A World Cup and a Budget

A football World Cup and a Budget, what better subjects could Mihir Bose, former sports news editor at the BBC, Sunday Times Economics Editor David Smith and political analyst Nigel Dudley wish for, […]

Episode 26: Delivery, Delivery, Delivery

The Three Old Hacks, who regularly review the week’s news for us, recorded a podcast on Thursday morning, before the Queen’s death was announced. “Spare us from this false positivism”, […]

Episode 23: Partygate again!

The Three Old Hacks discuss Partygate, racism in sport and the cost of living crisis. “We’ve never had a situation in the UK where job vacancies are greater than the […]

Episode 21: The war in Ukraine

The Three Old Hacks discuss the war in Ukraine, President Zelensky’s moving speech to the British parliament and Britain’s “mean-spirited” approach to refugees. Listen to former BBC News sports editor […]

Episode 19: That Peppa Pig Moment

The Three Old Hacks discuss this week whether or not the prime minister has lost it. He appears to be “teetering on the edge of appearing out of control” they […]