Council makes changes to over-complicated traffic management scheme in Grove Park & Strand on the Green

Making access easier for residents

LB Hounslow has announced changes to the traffic management scheme for Grove Park and Strand on the Green. The changes, put forward by the assistant director of traffic, transport and parking, Jefferson Nwokeoma, are in response to representations from residents’ groups, who say the different types of access which exist at the moment for residents in the various areas south of the A4 are confusing and unfair.

The Council admits the scheme that has been in place for the past two years is just too complicated:

‘Continuing with the existing permit arrangements has been considered but is not recommended due to the difficulties for residents and businesses to understand the complexities of the zoned system.’

The Council is extending Hartington Rd permits to residents of the Strand on the Green Controlled Parking Zone. At the moment only residents with an RV (Riverview) or a CS (Chiswick Station) permit are allowed to enter Hartington Rd from the A316 at Chiswick Bridge between the hours of  8am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday (if they have registered for an access permit). The change takes place with immediate effect.

LB Hounslow is also amalgamating the Hartington Road and Staveley Road permit schemes, to provide access to all residents and other existing exemption permit holders in the RV, CS, GP, SOTG and FR CPZ areas, as the consultation on the Staveley Road and Burlington Lane trial comes to an end in September.

Image above: LB Hounslow map showing the six Controlled Parking Zones south of the A4: Chiswick Station CPZ, Riverview CPZ, Strand on the Green CPZ, Stile Hall CPZ, Fauconberg Road CPZ and Grove Park Residents CPZ

Changes welcomed by residents groups

Jefferson Nwokeoma said:

‘Given the significant reduction in traffic it is felt that the widening of the permit exemptions to incorporate the additional CPZ areas can be accommodated without adversely impacting on the primary aims of the access restriction, which was to reduce overall traffic volumes and in particular though traffic.’

Ann Collins, Chair of the Strand on the Green Residents Association commented:

“We are thankful that this change has been implemented after two years of campaigning, it will make life so much easier for some residents of our wider neighbourhood.

“More needs to be done to help businesses and visitors to the neighbourhood, who have also been badly impacted by what was implemented. We and the other residents associations will continue to engage with LBH on this.”

Rob King, Chair of the Grove Park Group of residents added:

“Finally, we have measures improving access for residents. Yet they still fall short; we now need access for visitors, deliveries and taxis, and to our local shops, restaurants and pubs and a full review of the SCLN.
with no clarification from Hounslow Council to residents.

Changes welcomed by Conservative and Labour councillors

Cllr Gabriella Giles, one of the Conservative councillors for Riverside ward told The Chiswick Calendar:

“We welcome this decision from the council after two years of discussions on the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood.

“While the intention of this project was always to look at the area as a whole, the execution indicated otherwise. The decision outlined here – to merge the two whitelists for access to Hartington Road and Staveley Road, and include residents from Strand-On-The-Green – is one that we have repeatedly asked for since July 2020, and I am pleased that Hounslow now have the data they require to make the decision that could have saved residents a lot of stress, time and money.”

Amy Croft, the recently elected Labour councillor told us:

“It’s really great to see that we have some positive action as a result of listening to residents’ real concerns.”

Reviews of speed data and signage

Hounslow will be reviewing the speed data being collected as part of the Staveley Road and Burlington Lane trial, and subject to results, will ask traffic officers to consider engineering interventions in Burlington Lane and/or Sutton Court Road in consultation with ward councillors.

The Council is also asking officers to complete a signage audit, and subject to the results, make changes to the signage where necessary. Residents have complained from the start of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme that there are too many signs and they are too complicated to understand.

Uber drivers routinely stop at the sign which describes ‘access’. Some continue to the pick-up; others give up and cancel the job.

Images above: Signs on Hartington Rd and on the A316

Numbers being fined greater than expected

The aim of introducing the Low Traffic Neighbourhood was to cut the amount of commuter traffic through this residential area. Commuters used Hartington Rd and Sutton Court Rd to shave a couple of minutes off their journey to the A4. Since the access restriction was introduced on Hartington Rd there has been a 51% reduction in vehicles travelling in the northbound direction.

The Council admits the number of drivers who have been caught out by the changes and fined is greater than it expected.

‘The number of penalty charge notices being issued for contravention of either the Hartington Road or Staveley Road access restrictions is far higher than would be expected given the length of time the restrictions have now been in place.

‘Whilst the existing signage has been found by adjudicators to be compliant and adequate a review of the signage will look at what more can be done to reduce the number of non-exempt vehicles using these roads as that is the primary aim of the restrictions.’

Rob King said:

“We are shocked by the continuing volume of PCNs, demonstrating signage is simply not working.”

Changes to access to Grove Park & Strand on the Green due to A4 roadworks

The changes have been announced just one day before major roadworks are due to begin on the A4. From Friday 5 August until Wednesday 12 October, two lanes will be closed westbound on the A4, with the exception of one day – Friday 16 September – and in an attempt to avoid gridlock the Council has lifted the traffic restrictions to Grove Park and Strand on the Green during that period.

From Friday 5 August until Wednesday 12 October there will be access permitted from the A316 into Staveley Rd and Hartington Rd and the south circular at Kew Bridge into Thames Rd without permits.

So for the time being these latest changes to the traffic scheme are academic. Residents will begin to notice the difference from mid October onwards.

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