New traffic restrictions come into force in Grove Park

Image above: Junction of Burlington Lane with A316

New traffic restrictions came into force on Monday 24 January in Grove Park, to the south of the A4 and west of the A316.

The changes, which have caused much controversy in the area, are designed to stop drivers using it as a cut through. They are a refinement of measures brought in during 2020 and 2021 which were found to decrease traffic on some roads but increase it on others. Hartington Rd, beside Chiswick Bridge, was one of the busiest in the area, with nearly 8,000 vehicles on an average weekday at its busiest point. Many of these drivers were not local but came from outside London.

Drivers are now not allowed to turn left into Grove Park, coming from Chiswick Bridge towards Hogarth Roundabout, unless they have a residents permit which expressly allows them to use Hartington Rd or Staveley Rd. The entrance to Burlington Lane from the A316 has been blocked off with a barrier and no entry signs have been put up, with access for cycles only.

Images above: Signs at the entrance to Hartington Rd from A316, beside Chiswick Bridge

Hartington Rd

Vehicles with pre-registered licence plates will be able to continue to travel in a northbound direction (i.e. away from the A316). Vehicles permitted to travel northbound through the restriction are all residential properties that sit within the geographical area covered by the ‘CS’ and ‘RV’ controlled parking zones, which LB Hounslow says will be controlled by an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera.

Residents who have not already done so can register their vehicles here. Hartington Rd / Cavendish Rd register.

Visitors and deliveries do not have access to Grove Park via Hartington Rd. These vehicles need to enter Grove Park by an alternative route. For most this will now be Sutton Court Rd from the A4.

Access to Roko gym and the new all weather pitches

Access to Roko gym and the new all weather pitches opposite is permitted, as the restriction only comes into force at the first mini roundabout.

Image above: Entrance to Staveley Rd from A316

Staveley Rd and Burlington Lane

The new access restriction to general traffic on Staveley Road will operate from 8am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays, except for buses and permit holders. Motorists and cyclists will still be able to exit Burlington Lane onto the A316. Both this and the no entry to Burlington Lane from the A316 have been introduced under Experimental Traffic Management Orders.

All residents within the ‘Grove Park residents CPZ’, and ‘Fauconberg Road CPZ’, along with those residents living to the east of the A316 (between and including Boston Gardens (to the north) and Riverside Drive (to the south, including Staveley Gardens), will be eligible to apply for an exemption to the restrictions on Staveley Road.

Find out if you are eligible for a permit here: Staveley Rd eligibility

Apply for a permit here: Register for a Staveley Rd permit

Image above: Sign in Riverside Drive, directly opposite A316 entrance to Staveley Rd 

Access the Chiswick School, Sports Centre and cemetery

The restriction starts northwest of the access to Chiswick Sports Centre, so entry to Staveley Rd from the A316 for access to the school entrance, the sports facilities and the cemetery entrance nearer the A316 junction, is still permitted. Access to the allotments is also permitted for members of the Chiswick Horticultural and Allotment Society.

Car Boot sale

The car boot sale at Chiswick School takes place on Sundays, so will not be impacted by the restriction on Staveley Road which operates Monday – Saturday.

Images above: No entry sign at junction of Burlington Lane and A316; No left turn onto Burlington Lane

Anger and confusion

Most residents should have received a reminder letter with details of how to apply for permits, but many are angry and confused, saying “you can’t get in to Grove Park any more.” They are unsure where they can drive without being fined.

Lorraine Angliss, who owns Annie’s restaurant on Thames Rd and Little Bird cocktail bar on Burlington Lane, spoke for many when she told The Chiswick Calendar Grove Park had been turned into a “fortress.”

One resident said to me at the weekend:

“When you’re coming back from France you can’t turn left anywhere until you get to Hogarth Roundabout.”

Others have been crowing about the changes, seeing it as a victory for cyclists and for the environment. Paul Campbell Tweeted on Friday:

“Last workday for driveists to use Sutton Court Road as a rat run to the A4 in Chiswick. New 8am to 7pm restrictions start on Monday. Can’t wait.

“Lots more of the cargo bike guy though. Oh yes. So many parents rocking the cargo bikes at Grove Park School.”

Councillors representing Riverside ward have been received assurances from the Council that for the first two weeks of operation any infringement of the restrictions will result in a warning letter rather than a PCN.

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